Botched Tile Job

Hi my name is Velia! I work in our family business of Carreno Tile LLC in our Tile and Grout Cleaning Service, a wife to Alvaro who is the owner and a hands – on – installer to our small company of three employees and a mother to our one and only beautiful daughter Viviana. I have unusual passion to clean or re-grout old, neglected grout joints and tile. I’m find myself knee deep in…

We were hired to clean, re-seal, re-grouting three bathrooms. As, we always do… we do a walk through, this time with a project manger to discuss the concerns from the homeowners. FYI – it’s a re-model and the homeowners just bought this place with breath taking views. God sure knew what He was doing when He said “let the dry land appear” and the Hill Country was created.

After the walk through and the discussion with the project manger on our plan and deadline, this bathroom was to cleaned re-seal. The shower was a newly installed…

Our walk through are fairly quick… taking notes.

Now – it was time to get to work!

I walk in to the shower to evaluate the problem areas; what product I going to use. And I notice a Botched Tile Job! Tile not lined up Joint size Grout lines not consistent Tile layout; not squared

Well – my point is it’s Botched!


Technically…this done all wrong.

I can’t imagine…the most critical part of installing tile is the Waterproofing. It can take up years for a water leak to show signs. But – the cost…up to 10K for a shower leak. Now, you talking about re-do and other trades involved.

Alvaro has done a few to many re-do’s in his tile profession.

What’s wrong the picture below… tile layout the in-consistencies of the grout size. Just by the workmanship (explanation point)… it’s going down hill from here!


How about the small cut on the corner of the wall. They did not know how to measure.


Glass Mosaic Deco! What were they thinking of! Okay – I think… maybe…they were trying to make another decorative board for the mosaic deco?!?!  Or… maybe their measurement was off…and had to cheat.

Problem: They cut a field tile and install above & below the glass mosaic deco At the corner… the grout joint is to wide and it does not align.


I am standing inside the shower looking at the shower ceiling and jamb.


Now we are at the bottom of the hill – we have another problem.

Glass and Stone Mixed Mosaic on a shower floor. That’s a big No, No!

We know that Glass Mosaic has Limitless Possibilities…on walls!

Why Mosaic Glass  has it’s disadvantage on shower floors. Here it goes:

  1. Installation: Is it rated for floor use? Many glass mosaic are not.
  2. Scratches: While glass mosaics are durable and resistant to stains, they are susceptible to scratches. Over time scratches will accumulate in a glass and after several years the installation will need to be replaced.
  3. Breakage: While glass mosaic are quite durable, there are occasions when dropping something heavy from a great height will crack or chip a tile. This can then become a hazard for anyone walking on the floor with bare feet.
  4. Slippage: While textured finishes can be applied to the tiles, and grout lines can create some traction, glass is still a relatively smooth surface. In some environments, especially wet ones, it can pose a slipping hazard.


Could it been a DYI…well…no! A homeowner will taken pride in their work to show it off to their friends and family. And how do I know…we are DYI’ers too! It’s all about the compliments!!

But…it sure looks Pretty!

So here’s my advice. Please research! Hire a professional, we live in small community where we still do recommendation by word of mouth.

On my next post I’m going to talk more about Tile Gone Wrong; a “shower leak”  with Images!

Thanks for joining me and my family on our hired projects.

And yes – I still cleaned and re-seal the Botched Shower…the grout joint were never sealed.


Whenever you are asked if you can do a job, tell’em “Certainly I can!” Then get busy and find out how to do it.

-Theodore Roosevelt