There are several installation methods Carreno Tile, LLC utilize.

Old World Method (Mud-Bed)
A floated mortar bed provides a flat, plumb setting surface over the irregular wall framing often found in older homes. A typical installation includes a water-resistant barrier and expanded metal lath fastened directly over the studs, followed by two coats of mud.

Durock, Fiberboard, Hardibacker, and other cementitious backer boards
We also install regular cementitious backer board shower walls. When properly installed, they are the industry standard tile substrate for regular shower walls and tub surrounds.

Redgard, Hydroban and other liquid membranes
The liquid membranes are all waterproofing membranes installed directly beneath the tile. These products are all brush-on or roll-on membranes. They are in a liquid form which is brushed or rolled onto the shower walls, some utilizing fabric reinforcement, which, when cured, create a “rubber” like membrane onto which the tile is then installed.

Schluter’s Ditra is an uncoupling membrane for flooring tile. What this means is that the product essentially “separates” the movement in the floor from the tile installed upon it. It is advantageous because any floor, wooden or concrete, will move to some extent. Ditra separates that movement so it does not transfer through to the tile. This leads to a more solid and longer lasting tile installation.


  • Sanded Grout is a Portland cement based grout
  • Non-Sanded Grout is a dry, Portland cement based grout
  • Single Component Grout is a stain resistance and color consistency of epoxy grouts
  • Urethane Grout is stain resistant does not contain cement, epoxy, or pigment its low shrinkage, highly crack resistant and self sealing
  • Epoxy Grout is a 2-part formula, with Part A pigmented liquid epoxy hardener and Part B liquid epoxy resin combined with aggregates. Suitable for hospitals, restaurants, food preparation areas.

We would recommend upgrading to Single Component Grout or a Urethane Grout. We want the best for our customers.